Our History

Established in 1984

A family run business for the over 35 years, Valley Forge was established in 1984. Originally involved in the design and manufacture of brass and copper kitchen canopies, over time, diversification and expansion came through movement into stainless steel fabrication sector. This helped the company expand and employ more staff. Other developments included the purchase of a new site and the building of our first workshop.

The Birth of the Deli King

Fast-Food equipment and service kitchens, eventually developed into hot and cold food displays, and the birth of the Deli King. Further expansion included the building of another premises, and eventually the opening of our current 30,000 sq.ft facility.

Traditional Deli

5000 Units in Operation Over Ireland

Widely used throughout the food service sector, the Deli King Hot and Cold Merchandisers, have become a favourite with retailers in Ireland, with over 5000 units turned on every morning, to help deliver fresh and tasty food offerings.

Current & Future Plans

Current plans include the research and development of new production methods, including more environmentally friendly refrigeration technology and further enhancing the user experience on our heated merchandisers.


Our Thanks

For now, we’d like to thank everyone who has helped us along the way and hopefully look forward to a bright and prosperous future!