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Display Units

Display Units Grab N’Go

The Valley Forge Grab N’Go Display Unit, comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. The display has been designed in such a way, that in can be incorporated into any front-of-house counter. Coming in both refrigerated and ambient models, the Grab N’Go display fridge can be manufactured as a Self Service (S/S), or Assisted Service (A/S), unit. Again, as with all of our units, this range is manufactured in Ireland by Valley Forge.

Display Units Cake Display

The latest addition to the Valley Forge range for Bakery units, the Cake Display acts as a modern twist, on the traditional cake serveover. Available in a number of styles and setups, the Cake Display offers customers the chance to display a full range of refrigerated and ambient products, while also maintaining a cutting-edge design and ensuring the ease of use for staff, which is the driving force behind many of our designs.

Key Features

  • Slimline Square Glass Style

  • Drop-Down Glass Feature for Cleaning on A/S Models

  • Perforated Rear Access Doors on A/S Models

  • Toughened Glass Shelving

  • LED Lighting

  • Perforated Rear Mirror Display Panel on S/S Models

  • Deep Display Tank on S/S Models

  • Integrated Compressor and Evaporating Tray

Key Features

  • Frameless Square Glass Design

  • Drop-Down Glass Function for Easy Cleaning

  • LED Lighting

  • Night Blind for Helping Temperature Control

  • Flat or Stepped Display Bed

  • Return Air Flow to Ensure Consistent Temperatures

  • Integrated Compressor and Evaporating Tray

  • Standalone Base Structure

  • Removable Rear Prep Board Inc. Integrated Crumb Tray

  • Removable Base Pans for Cleaning Purposes – Manufactured to Suit Bakery Tray Dimensions