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Dishwash Setups

Valley Forge dishwash set-ups are designed to suit individual dishwashers and allow users to have a complete washing system at their disposal. They allow for a constant flow throuhgout the washing process and come with a number of extra features that ensure your restaurant has a steady stream of clean dishware for busy outlets serving customers throughout the day. 

VF Dishwash Set-Ups Include:


  • Dishwash Entry Sinks
  • Dishwash Exit Tables
  • Dishwash Canopies
  • Pre-Rinse Hoses


  • Pre-Rinse - VF-DW-PR

    An added extra feature on VF Dishwash Set-ups is our Pre-Rinse sprays. These are extremely useful for washing large pots.

    Pre-Rinse - VF-DW-PR
  • Dishwash Exit Table - VF-DW-EX

    VF Dishwash Exit Tables are manufactured to suit whatever area has been assigned as the wash-up part of your kitchen.

    Dishwash Exit Table - VF-DW-EX
  • Dishwash Entry Sink - VF-DW-EN

    The VF Dishwash Entry Sink comes in a range of shapes and sizes. Units can be straight or L-shaped.

    Dishwash Entry Sink - VF-DW-EN
  • Dishwash Canopy - VF-DW-CP

    Designed with a square profile, VF Dishwash Canopies help to evaporate steam from dishwashers.

    Dishwash Canopy - VF-DW-CP
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