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Carvery Units

Valley Forge manufacture two standard carvery units. Both are hugely popular throughout Ireland and the UK in hotels, delicatessens and restaurants. They can operate as a single piece of equipment and various designs of carvery bases are available aswell. They are also easily integrated into hot and cold offerings and have recently been used in front-of-house service counters alongside our Deli King units.  

Product Feature:


Heat Lamp

Food is given extra heat from a flexible heat lamp above.

Heated Base

A stainless heated top ensures food stays heated.

Holding Plate

The carvery's top is fitted with a holding area for meats.


Optional extra, to keep various sauces warm.

Bains Marie

Optional extra, to keep various sauces warm.

Juice Tray

Easily removable for quick cleaning.

Technical Specs

Carverys (VF - CV) 1001 2001
Length (mm) 600 950
Depth (mm) 525 920
Base Height (mm) 80 200
Bulbs (w) 375 375
Heat Pad (w) 350 350
Bains Marie (w) - 700
Max Power (w) 725 1425
Plug Standard (amp) 13 13
Frequency (hz) 50 50
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