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Bain Maries

VF Purefit Bains Maries are a 1/1 deep GN unit, which are made as a drop-in version of our dynamic range. This model is available in size from a 3 well unit up to a 7 well. Units can be manufactured using curved or square glass gantries, can have a heated, tiered gantry that is usually used for kitchen or carvery work and also can come without a gantry if one is not needed. VF Dynamic Bains Maries can be run as dry or wet well and can also have their base unit as mobile if preferred.  

Curved or Square Glass

VF Bains Maries are available with the option of either a curved glass or a square glass gantry. All gantries have a stainless shade and front, top and side glass panels.

Heated Kitchen Gantry

The VF heated kitchen gantry is available in 2 or 3 tier from and is very popular for kitchen or front-of house carvery use.

Available Sizes

2 Well to 7 Well sizes available Units with any gantry or without a gantry are available in 2,3,4,5,6 and 7 well sizes. ( please note that curved glass gantries are not available on 2 well units)

Self-Service Option

A Self-Service Option is also available in our Bains Maries. This is available without a gantry and also with both curved and square glass gantries.  

Technical Specs

Bains Marie   BM 1002   BM 1003   BM 1004   BM 1005   BM 1006
VF - PF - BM          
Length (mm)   900   1200   1500   1800   2100
Depth (mm)   710   710   710   710   710
Height (mm)   20   20   20   20   20
(clear space under for unit)          
Frequency (hz)   50   50   50   50   50
Gantry Details          
Curved Glass Gantry Height (mm)   450   450   450   450   450
(Assisted and Self-Service Options Available)          
Square Glass Gantry Height (mm)   450   450   450   450   450
(Assisted and Self-Service Options Available)          
2 Tier Kitchen Gantry Height (mm)   800   800   800   800   800
(Single and 3 Tier Options Also Available on Request)          
Heat Lamps per Heated Tier          
Quantity   1   2   3   4   5
Power (w)   500   1000   1500   2000   2500
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