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Pie Display Case

The VF Pie Display Case is a heated display unit, which is primarily used to display cooked pizzas. The idea behind this is that you can display full size pizzas and customers can choose whatever section of the pizza they like.

Maximum Visual Impact

Units are manufactured with VF's square glass system so as to make sure you can maximise the space inside the display cabinet. Units come in a variety of sizes from a 4, to a 6, to an 8 Pie Display.

Popular in Pizza Restaurants / Kiosks

The idea behind this unit is that retailers can serve pizza slices from this cabinet and can offer a wide range of pizza types and combinations for their customers.  

Heated Storage Underneath

Units come with sliding doors underneath, which allows for easy access to the heated storage section. This area allows staff to access plates and additional servings easily.  

VF's Square Glass System

By using the square glass system, the VF Pie Display Case can maximise its internal space for displaying pizzas on display stands.  

Base Design

All units can have a standard stainless base, custom painted design or can be integrated into a service counter. See our Design Studio for examples and ideas about how to differentiate your offering.  

Technical Specs

Pie Case - (VF-PDC) PDC 4 PDC 6 PDC 8
Length (mm) 1100 1550 2000
Depth (mm) 1000 1000 1000
Height (mm) 1400 1400 1400
Element (w) 750 750 750
Quantity 2 3 4
Heat Lamps (w) 300 300 300
Quantity 1 2 3
Base Element (w) 1500 2000 2000
Max Power (w) 3300 4850 5900
Plug Standard (amp) 13 Amp 13 Amp Hard Wire
Voltage (v) 230 V 230 V 400/230 V
Frequency (hz) 50 hz 50 hz 50 hz
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