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Valley Forge Dynamic Range Refrigerated 3 Tier Display Unit Self Service
Refrigerated Stand Alone Display Complete With Hinged Doors Dynamic Range
Valley Forge Refrigerated Display Unit Complete With Adjustable Shelving

Refrigerated Display

The Dynamic Range Refrigerated Display unit is a 3 tiered merchandiser used for displaying cakes, pre-packed sandwiches and drinks. This model comes in 4 different sizes (600 mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm and 1500 mm) and can be manufactured using curved or square glass. Units can also have a dropped well which is ideal for holding drinks, bottles etc., and allows you to keep shelving space for other items.

Glass Profiles

VF Refrigerated Displays are available in both curved and square glass units. Square and Curved Glass units tilt forward for cleaning purposes

Display Area

Adjustable glass shelves complete with individual lighting. Shelves can be positioned at a slight angled to enhance the appearance of product on offer.Units also come with hinged back doors, providing easy access for staff to product throughout the day. Extra perforation on doors increases the fridges efficiency and temperature control.

Available Sizes and Performance

VF Dynamic Range Refrigerated Displays are available in  600mm, 900mm, 1200 mm and 1500 mm sizes and subject to humidity, product display temperature is between 2-5 degrees C, set in a 23-25 degrees C ambient atmosphere

New Features

A new feature of the Refrigerated Display Unit is the added extra of a dropped bottom well. This increases space inside the fridge and is ideal for holding drinks.The Dynamic Range Refrigerated Display is available as both an assisted and as a self-service unit. Self-service units have a small front glass screen and are available with a dropped well section.  

Technical Specs

VF - DR - RDRD 600RD 900RD 1200RD 1500
Length (mm)60090012001500
Depth (mm)710710710710
Height (mm)1525152515251525
Lights (w)8142128
Fans (w)14141414
Max Power Refrigeration (w)200200250250
Evaporating Tray (w)400400400400
Max Power Total (w)660698790818
Plug Standard (amp)13131313
Voltage (v)230230230230
Frequency (hz)50505050
Refrigerant Gas R 404A R 404A R 404A R 404A
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