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Deli King Range


  • Deli King Cold

    Designed using the latest in refrigeration technology, the Deli King Cold Unit operates at its maximum level, while still maintaining performance, longevity and durability. Ranging in size from a 3 well to a 7 well unit, the Deli King Cold can be manufactured using either a curved or square glass profile and is available in both remote...

    Refrigerated Deli King Food Display Merchandiser with Curved Glass
  • Deli King Hot

    The Deli King Hot provides the ideal environment for keeping food at its desired temperature, with an easy to use system. This system in turn enables you to have a high performing, consistent and reliable cabinet.


    Units range in size from a 3 well all the way up to a 7 well, enabling any...

    Deli King Hot Food Display Merchandiser Complete With Curved Glass
  • Deli King Multi-Tier

    A specially designed multi-tier display fridge which can accompany both the Deli King Hot and Cold units. This gives your layout a flow and look which is similar throughout.


    The Deli King Multi-Tier has been designed in order to match the lengths and heights of other units in the Deli King range. A two...

    Deli King Multi-Tier Refrigerated Merchandising Shelving Unit
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