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Food Displays

We design and manufacture a range of Heated and Refrigerated Food Display Units. Our range of units are available in both curved and square glass, self or assisted service and some come in both 'stand alone' and 'drop-in' forms.

The Deli King Series

Our signature range consists of the Deli King Cold, Hot and Multi-Tier. This range allows you to have the three most popular units in any Food Service environment, manufactured with a consistent design and glass profile. The Deli King Cold and Hot units range in size from a 3 well up to a 7 well, while the Deli King Multi-Tier is available as a 2 tier patisserie display and comes in an equivalent size to a 3, 4 or 5 well unit.

Dynamic Range - Stand Alone Units

Our Dynamic Range is a stand alone series of Heated and Refrigerated units, available in both curved and square glass formats. These units can be made as either a self or assisted service model. Items included in this range of products include Bains Maries, Refrigerated Displays, Refrigerated Wells, Hot Cupboards, Hot Plates and Ambient Displays.

Purefit Range - Drop In Units

The VF Purefit Range is a drop-in version of the Dynamic Series, and incorporates all the benefits of refrigerated and heated units, but allows a shopfitter to easily assemble a service counter or display area before units arrive. Items included in the Purefit Range include Bains Maries, Refrigerated Displays, Refrigerated Wells, Hot Plates and Ambient Displays.

Pizza Displays

We also design and manufacture a specialist Pizza / Pie Display Case displaying a large selection of pre-cooked Pizzas. These units come with a square glass profile and can have an extra hot cupboard storage compartment underneath.

Fish Displays

Our VF Fish Display units are an insulated ice well complete with a drainage facility for displaying fish products. We have a number of standard designs, but we also manufacture bespoke units that customers wish to use in their own shops. All you have to do is come to us with your initial thoughts, sketches and ideas, and with the aid of our Design Studio we will help to show you what your vision will actually look like when it is manufactured.

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