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Chip Dump

The VF Chip Dump has been designed with a busy fast food outlet in mind. The sloping dump and bagging rack enable a large quantity of chips to be remain hot under heat lamps, ready to be served or bagged. The mirrored back enhances the presentation to the customer. Available in 1400mm, 1200 mm, 800 mm sizes, the CD - 2001 model is available in 450 mm wide units.      

VF - CD - 1001

Heat Lamps

Chips are kept warm by heat lamps above.

Bagging Rack

Ideal for busy shops for quick bagging of chips.

Backing Mirror

Mirror Helps to highlight the product for the customer.

Bains Marie

Optional extra, to keep various sauces warm.

Under Storage     

Hinged doors under provide great storage space.

VF - CD - 2001

Heat Lamp

Chips are kept warm by heat lamps above.

Storage Under

Ambient shelf under, ideal for service bags and boxes.

Ideal for Service Counter

Unit can be built into a VF Front Service Counter.  

Technical Specs

Chip Dump (VF - CD) CD 1001 CD 2001
Length (mm) 1200 450
Depth (mm) 835 800
Height (mm) 1690 850
Element (w) 1500 700
Quantity 1 1
Heat Lamps (w) (max 4) 375 375
Quantity 0-4 1
Bain Marie Element (w) 700 -
Quantity 2 -
Max Power (w) 4400 1070
Voltage (v) 400/230 230
Plug Standard (amp) Hard wire 13
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