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Centre Islands

Providing the link between the prep, cooking and service area of your fast-food outlet, the VF Centre Island is designed as a bespoke product for every individual store. Essentially it is a complete work station for service staff. Food collection, packaging and drink dispensing, all of these functions can be performed easily and quickly with the help of a well designed VF Centre Island. This is an example of our most popular Centre Island as it employs all of the characteristics that a fully functioning model needs. A heated burger prep area at the back of the unit, used in conjunction with a VF Burger Chute helps to speed up Burger prep and packing during busy periods. At the front of the counter  the beverage section, complete with spring loaded cup chutes keeps a constant flow of drinks to customers.      

Heated Burger prep area beside griddle

With a constant heated temp allowing food to remain heated while being prepped, this is ideal when used in conjunction with a VF Burger Chute.      

Room for VF Burger Chute and Chicken Cabinet

VF Centre Islands normally come with an open space for both items, allowing both prep and service staff to access food quickly and easily.        

Beverage Section with Spring loaded Cup Chutes

This component adds yet more value to a VF Centre Island, allowing shops to serve a total meal from one main central workspace.  

Storage area for boxes/bags

VF CI's come complete with overhead and undercounter ambient storage, enabling staff to have sufficient stock of all items needed during busy periods.  

Overhead Sockets

Twin sockets can be fitted overhead, which means they are not in the way of working staff but still within reach for all pieces of equipment.  

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