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Burger Prep Counters

Usually placed beside a griddle in a centre island set-up, the VF Burger Prep Counter can also be purchased as a single piece of equipment. Coming with a heated top and racking underneath for burger bun trays the counter can also accommodate a refrigerated window which would hold burger dressings, or gastronorms. Another piece of equipment that is used in conjunction with the VF  Burger Prep Counter is the VF Burger Chute. This combination helps both prep and service staff to speed up the process from time of order to collection of food.     

Heated Top

This feature on VF Burger Counters allows staff to keep burgers hot when they are being prepped and packed for customers.

Bun storage underneath

A racked storage area underneath enables you to store trays for burger buns next to your prep area, especially helpful during busy periods.  

Frame for Refrigerated Window

Some VF Burger Counters come with a raised area for holding a small refrigerated window, ideal for keeping burger dressing's close to hand.

Used alongside VF Burger Chute

This particular unit can be placed in a VF Centre Island or as a stand alone piece, but is ideally placed alongside a VF Burger Chute, enabling staff to have all aspects of the cooking, preping, packing and service process within easy reach.


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