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Breading Unit

The VF Breading Unit is a stainless steel constructed piece of equipment that enables staff to bread chicken without creating a mess in the kitchen and leaves virtually no cleaning up when finished. Chicken is prepped on the perforated work top and then any excess breadcrumbs fall into a stainless frame that is lined at the bottom with mesh. This enables all flour and small to fall into a removable tray that can be emptied or re-used very simply.

Solid Lid

Unit comes complete with a lid and fixing bracket, meaning it can be held upright when you are working.    

Mesh Tray

Stainless mesh tray, which helps to filter flour and breadcrumbs when staff are breading food.  

Work top

Unit can also be used as extra work top space when the lid is down.  

Clearing Tray

A removable clearing tray is accessed underneath the unit, allowing for easy access for cleaning.  

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