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Basket Trolley

Designed to accommodate front hanging fryer baskets, the VF Basket Trolley can hold full or empty chip baskets. All access water is collected in a sloping stainless tray at the bottom of the unit and is fitted with a waste outlet. The idea behind the trolley is to speed up the frying process and provide extra storage for food that is ready for frying.      

Accommodate up to 10 baskets

2 baskets can be placed on each rail at the back of the unit, allowing you up to 10 baskets in total.  

Draining tray to bottom of unit

All excess water can fall to the units bottom tray for easy cleaning and removal.  

Mobile Unit

THE VF BKT comes standard as a mobile unit, meaning it can be easily moved from chip bin to fryer.  

Easy storage and removal of baskets

Baskets hook onto rails at the back of the unit, and easily lift on and off throughout the day.  

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