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Custom Built Hairdresser Kiosks
Custom Designed Hairdresser Kiosks
Custom Designed Barber Kiosk


Recently Valley Forge designed and manufactured a Barber's Kiosk for the Marshes Shopping Centre in Dundalk for The Grafton Barber. The kiosk is situated inside the main entrance and enables the shop to offer a service that is new and innovative to the passing trade. A complete workstation, the Kiosk has all the features you would expect to find in a traditional barbers. 

Features Include:

  • Lockable Storage Area to Rear
  • Mirrored Pillars (for freestanding effect)
  • Comfortable Seating Area
  • Till and Service Counter
  • Washup Area
As with all of our Custom Designs, everything is easily altered or changed to suit what you would like to do with your own brand, identity and design.
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