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Deli Serveover Counter Londis Texoil Monaghan
Brambles Food Court Pavilions Swords
Deli Display Merchandiser Complete With Cutting Board


Over the past 10 years, Valley Forge has been one of the leading manufacturers of Deli counters. We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing of the highest quality and ensure that each Food Display counter and its individual pieces of equipment will help to create an environment that works and flows the way that you want it to.

Our designs can be seen throughout the website and Valley Forge is constantly looking at new ways to enhance our prodcuts and the way that food is displayed and presented to the customer. Recently we launched a new range of painted counters, some of which can be seen in our Gallery section. This particular design has really excited our customers and was also displayed at the Host Exhibition in Milan.

None of our range of Deli counters are classed as standard, as every shop layout and environment has different needs and functions. Whatever your target market or desired  display options are, give us a call and we can help you to create a design that you want. We can provide experience, advice and knowledge in the Food Display and Service market, which will hopefully lead to your Deli becoming a must-stop-shop when it comes to eating out.

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