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Custom Designs - Create the Perfect Counter

In the Valley Forge Design Studio, we can help you create the perfect counter for your shop layout and environment. Whether it is a completely new concept or an alteration on something that you already have, our computer package can show our customers how their vision will look like when it is manufactured. Anything is possible at this stage, so sketches, pictures, photos or anything you might have can be taken to the next level. The following 3 stage process has been developed to aid the manufacture of custom designed counters.


The planning process is the first step in custom counter manufacturing. Here we will help you to set out the goals for your counter and implement the strategies needed to fulfill these goals. At Valley Forge we help you to structure a counter that will identify your brand with customers, command a presence in the marketplace and employ a presence of trust in your food. All this ultimately helps to create, keep and increase sales.


There are many qualities that you want your counter to demonstrate and design can play a very important part in this. Design can be determined by many different factors from material choice, to counter configuration. At Valley Forge we can provide you with physical samples of materials and with a computer generated image of what your idea would look like as a finished product. The dining experience, whether it be in a coffee shop, bar, deli or restaurant has to satisfy its market. Customers now demand satisfaction and are aware of a quality brand. Devoting time and energy at the design stage can help you succeed in these areas.


Now your initial vision and design has become a physical entity. Your showcase to launch your product is ready and an overall concept and business plan can take place. All marketing, branding and sales techniques that a business undertakes prior to commencement of a new outlet can hinge on presentation and initial customer reaction. Our 3 stage process has been planned, designed and now become a reality so that our customers can achieve success.

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